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Born into a biracial family, Collin quickly realized he had to embrace diversity or go crazy. Choosing the former (the jury’s still out on the crazy part), he learned to make fun of his differences while developing a unique brand of standup. Collin’s humor manages to artfully touch on areas usually considered taboo, letting him cover topics that most are afraid to tackle. His level of skill led to the honor of being selected for TEDxSaltLakeCity 2018 as the expert to speak on comedy.

Since hitting his first open mic at Seattle’s Comedy Underground when he was barely 17, Collin has come a long way. His unique adoption of dark comedy has allowed him to perform across North America and Europe at clubs, colleges, and even a stadium. His humor proves irresistible to audiences, earning him a position as Niantic’s lead live broadcaster for 2016, as well as a nomination as one of Utah’s top comedians, and various other accolades.

Whether talking at the Capitol as a featured speaker at the “Walk of No Shame” against sexual assault, or on the stage at Kingsbury Hall discussing joking about trauma, Collin uses over a decade of experience as a nationally touring standup comedian to make the audience laugh, uplifting and inspiring even when talking about even some of the darkest and most controversial topics.

His current nationally touring comedy show discusses his personal experiences as a sexual assault and suicide survivor in a way that made The Daily Utah Chronicle Say “All of us loved it.”. And the owner of the WIP theater in Chicago highly recommends it saying “Collin’s show is one of the best dark comedy shows you’ll ever see”